Are you looking for a small business loan alternative that provides fast working capital for your business?

US Working Capital is the leader in offering Merchant Cash Advance funding, also known as a Business Cash Advance, to both small and medium sized businesses. We help you leverage the power of your Merchant Credit Card sales and offer a lump sum Small Business Cash Advance up to $500,000 per location.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Unlike a Small Business Loan or Merchant Loan, a Merchant Cash Advance is a Fast and Easy way to get your company the cash it needs. We know how hard it is to find Small Business Financing when you need it. US Working Capital specializes in providing Fast Funding without the long wait, endless paperwork and qualifications required in Traditional Bank Advances.

How it Works
  • Easy Online Cash Advance Form Apply Now

    Apply Online

    Our Easy Online Cash Advance Form only takes minutes.  Or call (800) 604-1820 to speak with one of our representatives (US-based, Monday-Friday).

  • Receive Your Approval Fast

    Receive Your Approval

    We provide Approvals within 24 hoursFind out how much you qualify for. No obligation. No wait.

  • Get Your Funds Today

    Get Your Funds

    From $5,000 — $500,000. Deposited directly to your account as fast as 3 business days. Easy terms. No Hidden Fees.


Our process is easy. We purchase a percentage of your future credit card sales and deposit an upfront, lump sum of cash directly to your bank account with days. Your Merchant Cash Advance is typically repaid within 3-18 months with an agreed-upon, small percentage of your daily credit card sales. This allows you the cash flow to Grow Your Business without the risk of late payments or the pain of large account decreases

How to Apply

Get started with your Business Cash Advance by filling out our Easy Online Form. We need your Basic Information including name, company name, contact information and monthly credit card revenue to get started. A US Working Capital representative will contact you directly to complete your no-obligation verification process.   Our friendly representatives work with you to determine the best Merchant Cash Advance program to fit your Business Needs.

How to Qualify

Even if you have a low credit score or credit problems, we can offer your Business a Cash Advance based on the health of your cash flow. We want to help you grow, and that is why many merchants return to US Working Capital again and again to refinance their Merchant Cash Advance. To qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance, we need your most recent credit card statements, showing a minimum of $5,000 in transactions monthly. Your business must be operational at least 1 year. We don’t fund start-ups or make personal Advances because we don’t require a personal guaranty or equity. Do you qualify? Get started with our Easy Online Cash Advance Form to find out today.

Our ACH Funding Program

Many businesses don’t process enough monthly credit card sales to qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance. At US Working Capital, we Offer a Funding Program based on your monthly gross deposits into your Business Checking Account. Our ACH funding program is ideal for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and contractors.

Leverage your future cash flow to get the cash you need today for inventory, expansion or equipment. See how much you Qualify for Today.